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Permanent Eyebrow Healing Schedule


Every person is different during the healing process, some people heal quicker than others, some pigment appears to fade too light after 6 days and then after 10 days, it appears that more colour will show. Keep in mind the colour will appear softer when the area is completely healed. 

What to expect for your Permanent Eyebrows

Day 1:  

The eyebrows are darker than expected and might look bolder and thicker than expected. Once the area is healed the thickness will shrink to a less bold looking eyebrow. It is all due to swelling and redness from the application. The eyebrows will begin to exfoliate in a few days causing the surrounding pigment to flake away with a more narrow appearance. New skin heals over the pigmented area and the colour creates a softer looking appearance. Do not be alarmed that your brows appear darker and heavier than your initial desired look, it all part of the process to get the brows you want.

Day 2:

The condition of the skin remains the same with some visible scabbing.

Day 3:

Your eyebrow feels tight, itchy and thicker in texture with flaking and further crusting of the skin due to exfoliation.

Day 4:

The edges flake, peel starting from the outer edges.

Day 5:

The colour fades and skin flakes off giving your appearance a grey softer shade for a few days. This is the pigment working with the moisture levels in the skin.

Day 6:

The colour fades further from the initial dark appearance for the next few days. The colour may fade lighter than the final result. This will be further added and corrected on your touch up session.

Day 10:

The final colour shows through and the pigment begins to stabilise with the skin. Keep in mind the colour will further lighten until your next visit for your touch up.