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Permanent Eyeliner Healing Schedule


Every person is different during the healing process, some people heal quicker than others, some pigment appears to fade too light after 6 days and then after 10 days, it appears that more colour will show. Keep in mind the colour will appear softer when the area is completely healed. The below information is generally what to expect


Permanent Eyeliner Instructions


  • Contact lens is not to be worn during or after an eyeliner treatment until all swelling subsides.

  • Do not wash with soap or other chemicals until the healing process has been complete.

  • Avoid eyelash tinting for 2 weeks after your eyeliner procedure

  • Ice packs and tea bags may be used on the day of the treatment and after to reduce swelling.

  • Use a thin layer of Bacitracin ointment, preparation H or Bepanthan cream around the treated area for 3 + days. Avoid Zambuc and drawing out ointment, as this can draw all the pigment out the skin.

  • If you have to wear a bit of mascara, only apply this to the tip of the eyelashes (use only an unopened mascara, to avoid infection) and avoid the eyeliner area that has been treated.

  • Avoid using eyelash curling during the healing process.

  • fading and this may result in you paying additional charges for touch ups.prematureDo not pick off, let it heal on its own. Picking may lead to.


Day 1:

After your treatment, your eyes will look as if you have been crying. The eyeliner will look dark and dramatic with a heavier applied makeup look than when healed. Once the area is healed the thickness will shrink to a less bold looking eyeliner. It is all due to swelling and redness from the application. Apply your ointment with a clean fingertip, earbud or use a Q-tip to apply. (Morning and night). Cleanse your eye with water and blot with a tissue at night. No soap or harsh rubbing, as the pigment will migrate to another area of the eyelids.


Day 2:

The eyelids will be swollen for a few hours after waking up. Refresh with cool water and dab with a tissue and re-apply your homecare ointment to the eyeliner. Repeat the same for the evening.


Day 3:

The swelling has decreased and not completely gone just yet. The eyelids would feel tight and areas of the eyeliner will crust and start to flake off. No not pick off any scabs or flakes, re-apply ointment and let the skin heal on its only.  (Tap gently around the itchy parts of the treated area, should it be itchy. No rubbing or scratching.) Cleanse again with water only and apply ointment after cleaning.


Day 4:

The eyeliner and eyelids are itchy, scabby and flaky. Let the skin exfoliate by its self, use let ointment. Cleanse again with water only.


Day 5:

The eyeliner colour will look greyish in colour and the eyeliner appears to a shrunk in size. The colour fades and skin flakes off giving your appearance a grey softer shade for a few days. This is the pigment working with the moisture levels in the skin. Ignore any yellow/ mustard/ green or pink undertones in the first 5 days. These pigment toners will stabilise and disappear after the scabs have shed off the skin.


Day 6:

The colour has lightened from the initial overly dark appearance. Keep in mind this is not the final result of the colour. You will need to see the final colour after a month and a further touch up will be required to fill and blend the colour further.


Day 10 +:

The final pigment colour begins to stabilise and show through. The treated area will start to look really nice, but still uneven in solidness, colour and undertones. Keep in mind the colour will further lighten until your next visit for your touch up. Keep in mind you have 7 layers of skin, and it takes 6-7 weeks for all the colour to surface through to become complete for further touch ups that you would need to have done. The colour will continue to soften as the healing process completes. (6-8 weeks the colour will mature and even out).