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 Permanent Lip Liner and Full Lip Healing Schedule


Every person is different during the healing process, some people heal quicker than others, some pigment appears to fade too light after 6 days and then after 10 days, it appears that more colour will show. Keep in mind the colour will appear softer when the area is completely healed. The below information is generally what to expect


Permanent Lip Liner and Full Lip Instructions


  • Apply ice packs for the first 2 – 24hrs after your treatment to reduce swelling.

  • Keep your lips moist with your aftercare ointment given to you by your technician.

  • Keep in mind that scars or cold sore that you had before your lip treatment will lift and remove all your pigment from your treatment. Make should you have been treated from a cold sore break out before, during and after any pigmentation treatment.

  • You may use white petroleum Vaseline or diprotic other than your home care ointment you technician has given to you.

  • Avoid washing with soap and harsh chemicals until the treated area has healed. Use water gently over the treated area and pat gently dry. No rubbing or pick of the skin during the healing stages of this treatment. Picking will remove the pigment leaving blotchy coloured patches over the lip area. The less you agitate the treated area, the better the results will be.

  • Should you be a “smoker”, use plastic filters to avoid infection on the treated lip area.

  • Do not pick off, let it heal on its own. Picking may lead to premature fading and this may result in you paying additional charges for touch ups. 


Day 1:

Your lips will appear to be very swollen, thick, bruised and tender with a reddish brick colour look for the first few days. The colour might look too dark or too thick, due to the pigment crust and scab formation. All colours will scab 70% darker and will fade up to 70% once healed.


Day 2:

Swelling, reddish, burning sensation and tender lips will be evident. Apply a layer of Bacitracin ointment, preparation H or Bepanthan cream around the treated area for 3 + days. Avoid Zambuc and drawing out ointment, as this can draw all the pigment out the skin.



Day 3:

Less swelling with a thicker texture, sores and scabs will form with a hot feeling sensation. The colour may appear Orange/yellow / pinkish/dark brownish colours due to the skin pigment undertones. Apply home care as above.


Day 4- 6:

lip will look chapped and exfoliation begins. The epidermis sloughs off and the pigment fades, leaving a loss of colour until the lips have healed completely. The dermal layer will gradually become darker. Every week for a total of 8 weeks the colour will mature and even out and become more visible and solid. Dryness is normal since 7 layers of skin are rejuvenating weekly, generating more collagen a plumper looking lips after 6-8 weeks.


Day 7- 21:

Lips will appear softer and the rich colour begins to appear through the skin. Keep in mind the lips can continue to exfoliate and feel chapped again until it is fully healed after 21 days. Use a lip balm to keep the lips moist until the lips return to normal. Book your touch up no later than 3 months after your first initial treatment, to fill and blend or to do colour corrections etc.